Government Contract Vehicles

Govt Contract Vehicles

Allied Network Solutions has been servicing Federal, State and Local government entities since its inception. We align ourselves with the IT Initiatives of our customers by understanding their immediate needs, critical issues and long term goals; all of which allow us to work in partnership with our customers and vendors forming a dynamic synergy for project success.

SLP Contracts

SLP Number Company Name
SLP-17-70-0027X VMware
SLP-18-70-0027Z SAP Software
SLP-18-70-0027A StreamLink
SLP-18-70-0027D TriTech Software Systems
SLP-18-70-0027E Adobe
SLP-18-70-0027F SAS Institute
SLP-18-70-0027G Greenwave Systems
SLP-18-70-0027H DocuSign
SLP-19-70-0027I CyberArk Software
SLP-19-70-0027J Veeam Software
SLP-19-70-0027K Elasticsearch
SLP-19-70-0027L COSI Consulting (Insight)
SLP-19-70-0027M Salesforce
SLP-19-70-0027N Veritas
SLP-19-70-0027O Attachmate
SLP-19-70-0027P IBM
SLP-19-70-0027Q Envisage Technologies
SLP-19-70-0027R Pegasystems
SLP-19-70-0027S Micro Focus Government Solutions
SLP-19-70-0027T CA Technologies
SLP-19-70-0027U Red Hat
SLP-20-70-0027V Tableau
SLP-20-70-0027W Pitney Bowes
SLP-20-70-0027X Zscaler
9-20-70-0023A Trend Micro

WSCA Contracts

WSCA Number Company Name
7-14-70-01 Brocade
7-14-70-04 Cisco
7-14-70-14 EMC
7-15-70-34-001 HP Inc.
7-15-70-34-002 HP Enterprise

CMAS Contracts

CMAS Contract Number Company Name
3-15-70-1557AH EMC, Imperva, DocuSign, GovDelivery, Virtual Instruments & Zscaler
3-17-70-1557AK IT Consulting
3-17-70-1557AM ExaGrid
3-18-70-1557AP Attivo, Citrix, Cisco
3-18-00-0388C EMC